About Us

Insurance can be complicated. To be precise over 30 insurance companies, 55 brokerage companies, and more nearly 8,000 individual brokers in Egypt are all claiming to be the best.  And if you make the wrong decision of selecting your insurance partner, or do the selection at an unfair price, well you know the rest…

We are a group of insurance professionals who have walked away from lucrative management jobs in major insurance companies realizing that we can add significant value to our clients by not being tied to a specific insurance company, and instead being on the client side. We have achieved excellence in insurance and medical management with 10+ years of experience across all of the insurance value chain including insurance companies, TPAs (medical management companies), and insurance brokerage and consulting.

Wisely Insure provides integrated risk management, insurance consultancy,  brokerage, and management services. We are your one stop shop for all your insurance needs.

  • Wisely helps clients to obtain the best insurance benefits, covers, and prices.
  • Wisely helps clients to manage their insurance plan, and provide strong support at time of claims.

Your insurance with Wisely Insure is simply more effective, and all this at ZERO cost to our customers because we are paid by insurance companies.

Our services are made possible through the sponsorship and support we receive from our strong insurance partners.

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